Softbolt Security

SoftBolt - Application Security SoftBolt is a Software Application Security solution. Use SoftBolt to secure an existing application or even better an application that is being developed. Primarily intended for PowerBuilder PFC (PowerBuilder Foundation Class) based applications. The Administration module can be used for any application.


Security Administration Module

  • Very Easy to Manage Security through Point-and-Click
  • Users can belong to Many Groups with Override Capability
  • Platform and Language Independent (secure any system)

Security Code Components

  • Currently Available for PowerBuilder PFC only
  • Much better solution than standard PFC security
  • Integrates right into a PFC based application
  • Implemented as a Security Service (like a PFC service)
  • Applications developed in other languages require that you build your own security services based on the SoftBolt data structures

Key Benefits

  • Very Easy to Manage (doesn't have to be a programmer)
  • Minimal changes to standard PFC application code Very Effective -
  • Very Efficient